• Windrock 6400 Portable Analyzer

    The new Windrock 6400 analyzer exceed expectations. The hand strap is amazing. No pain whatsoever after taking data for almost 4 hours on different machines.

    The 6400 Analyzer is faster and allows me to analyze more assets now than before.

    Great job by the Windrock team and I am really impressed.”


    Maintenance Superintendent, Exterran

  • Windrock Spotlight for Compressors Monitoring System

    If you thought IIoT devices and analytics on “the other 95%” of your devices would be cumbersome and time-consuming – or too expensive – Spotlight just put those fears to rest.

  • Windrock Spotlight for Engines Monitoring System

    The same great product, with all the same software integrations you have for your compressors now available for your engines so you can monitor the health of all your assets from one place.

  • The Platinum Online Monitoring System

    The ultimate platform to protect and assess the health of your reciprocating and rotating machinery.

  • Windrock Enterprise

    Windrock Enterprise, a next-generation IIoT platform, is transforming the way companies track and manage assets using actionable insights and predictive advisories from across your entire operation.


    Engine & Compressor Analysis Services

    Windrock provides a wide range of testing & diagnostic services for peak productivity, efficiency & compliance.


    Analysis Services

  • Windrock & CPI Announce a Commercial Partnership Creating a new Integrity Management Solution for Reciprocating Compressors

World-Class Asset Monitoring Solutions

Windrock specializes in digitally transforming the way companies monitor, manage, and optimize their reciprocating machinery and industrial equipment. We are working hard to provide our customers with affordable and powerful IIoT solutions that streamline the way they run their business and provide visibility across their organization.

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