How IIoT Is Changing The Future Of The Machinery Industry

How IIoT Is Changing The Future Of The Machinery Industry

Throughout time, the management of machinery and the analysis of important data surrounding the operation of important safety components of critical equipment has remained relatively the same. However, with the advent of improved technology, a new era of machinery analysis is arriving. Most of the public now takes part in the use of smart technology in their homes and their everyday lives. From home security systems that can be accessed from your mobile device to smart devices that allow you to order pizza from the comfort of your couch, smart technology is invading every corner of our lives. Smart technology and the subsequent Internet of Things, doesn’t stop there though. It has also taken front stage in the realm of industry and machinery management.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) refers to the use of physical sensors being attached to components of machinery and then linked wirelessly to transmit and store important data about the assets in question. This technology is paired with artificial intelligence, innovative algorithms, and in-depth data analytics to provide a much clearer picture of what is going on than has ever been accessible before. IIoT solutions have an incredible impact upon the modern world of industry. From oil and gas applications to other critical equipment management, IIoT solutions are offering benefits in an array of ways. Check out the incredible way IIoT solutions are changing the future of machine data analytics.

The Power Of Real-Time Data

One of the most notable benefits of IIoT solutions in regards to machinery analysis is that data is provided in real-time. No matter what time of day or night it is, you can access data and monitor the health of your assets in real-time. This ability to understand specifically what is going on with critical components of your facility’s machinery is invaluable. Gone are the days of painstakingly recording data manually, with a hope that you are staying on top of everything you need to.

Managing machinery and ensuring things run safely and smoothly is exceptionally easier when you are able to access accurate data non-stop. With IIoT solutions, not only is data being collected in real-time, but the software applications that integrate with sensors and monitoring systems allow for access of that data at any point in time from any location. Utilizing secure methods of transmitting data, IIoT solutions mean that both a worker in the field and an offsite manager can access the same exact data. This leads to a more transparent system and clearer communication between all members of an organization.

The Intelligence Of Predictability

While having access to real-time data sets is an invaluable tool, IIoT solutions take this one step further. Integrating with artificial intelligence and utilizing innovative algorithms, data monitoring is now capable of also providing predictions and warnings of early signs of equipment failure. This means that instead of needing to take a reactive approach to issues that arise, your team can actually take a proactive role and solve problems before they become noteworthy. The intelligence of predictability is revolutionary in that it helps stave off catastrophic equipment failure.

This tool is perhaps one of the most powerful assets of IIoT solutions. The ability to harness the power of the intelligence of a computer is creating stronger accuracy in understanding what precursors signal equipment failure. As computers continue to learn and algorithms adapt to what happens, this intelligence will only become greater. Those responsible for the monitoring of machinery can now focus their intellect on making data-driven decisions, rather than simply reacting to problems that arise.

The Efficiency Of Accurate Tracking

In the past, a lot of time was spent on tracking down equipment, monitoring the health of the assets in question, and creating reports to better understand what maintenance tasks should be performed. Equipment was not always easy to locate or required a large amount of time spent traveling between locations. With IIoT solutions, this process is highly efficient. Instead of trying to locate equipment, you can simply utilize the data platform to accurately track any item you wish. This saves an incredible amount of time and allows for a higher level of accuracy.

In the case of something going awry, issues can be investigated remotely as well. This benefits the system as a whole as less time is spent during failures on simply getting to the bottom of the issue. A solution can be issued immediately backed by the information gathered from sensors placed throughout the field. Data-driven decisions made in a short amount of time contribute to huge savings monetarily due to the efficiency of operations.

The Improvement Of Safety

IIoT solutions are revolutionizing the safety of operating equipment, particularly in fields where toxic leaks can be cause for serious concern. Because IIoT solutions allow for specific monitoring of every important asset from compressors to high-speed engines, small issues that once upon a time went unnoticed are now under the microscope at all times. This means that instead of a catastrophic failure occurring out of nowhere, management can stay on top of the health of each asset.

For example, the Windrock Platinum™ Online Monitoring System provides continuous monitoring of condition information and allows you to preset parameters for failure. Safety-related parameters are calculated by this intelligent program at each rotation. Then, onboard relays will proactively shut down a machine if catastrophic failure is near to occurrence. This intelligence of the systems in play will ensure a higher level of safety across an array of industries.

The Monetary Savings Of Less Downtime

Let’s face it — downtime is costly. Every single failure and every single moment spent inoperable can cost copious amounts of money. According to a recent study, across industries in the manufacturing world, downtime costs on average $260,000 per hour. Every hour of downtime hurts your business greatly, which is why avoiding it is ideal. If you can cut your downtime each year, even by a small percentage, you could be saving millions of dollars. IIoT solutions are revolutionary in this way. They are capable of providing such in-depth data and predictions that you can avoid downtime by tackling an issue prior to its arrival.

These condition monitoring systems will allow you to receive alerts when data is pointing to a potential issue down the road. From this information, you will be able to determine what action should be taken and how you can proactively solve the problem prior to its occurrence. This means parts can be ordered for repairs and techs can be scheduled for maintenance long before a catastrophe strikes. This predictive quality of artificial intelligence that has been integrated into the world of IIoT solutions can drastically improve the efficiency of your operations.

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