How You Can Optimize Mechanical Integrity

How You Can Optimize Mechanical Integrity

If you play a management role in an industry such as oil and gas, then undoubtedly one of your biggest challenges is effectively managing a Mechanical Integrity (MI) program. There are numerous elements to properly instituting a MI program, and as such, it can be an ongoing challenge of better optimizing your plan. From predicting failures before they occur to ensuring you are compliant to OSHA standards, MI programs have historically been a point of contention and concern in many industries. With the help of improved condition monitoring and the implementation of better technology, you can optimize your MI plan to serve your team better.

Ensure You Are Compliant

The first thing you must ensure is that you are implementing the right safety measures to be OSHA and internally compliant. Non-compliance will mean that no matter what else you do, your MI program is a failure. It is of the utmost importance that you follow OSHA’s compliance guidelines and recommendations for Process Safety Management (PSM). This is an area that requires constant improvement and ongoing tracking to ensure standards are met.

Factor In Risks

Risk management is a major component of your MI program. You need to be able to constantly assess and prepare for risks ahead. Anticipating failures before they happen and preventing them is key to the success of your operations. By mitigating risks, you keep things not only safer, but you also cut down on the high costs associated with catastrophic failures.

Be Aware Of Costs

Compliance and risk management are both important keys to the success of your MI program. However, they will be rendered irrelevant if the costs to implement these strategies is too high to justify. A cost-effective MI program should involve a strong focus on preventative measures. If you can cut down on the amount of downtime experienced, you can improve the costs of your program overall.

Turn To Improved Technology Solutions

Finally, if you haven’t implemented improved and recent advances in technology into your MI program, now is the time. IIoT solutions have made condition monitoring highly effective and far more proactive than in the past. By investing in improved technology solutions, you can drastically cut down on lost operation time due to catastrophic failure. Because IIoT solutions offer ongoing, real-time condition monitoring, you are able to far better predict and plan for maintenance and machinery upgrades. Not only that, but modern condition monitoring solutions also implement artificial intelligence to use the power of computer-thinking to better predict and warn you of potential issues in the field.

If you are interested in implementing improved technology into your MI program, our team is here to help. At Windrock we specialize in digitally transforming the way you monitor, optimize, and manage your equipment. Not only do we provide state-of-the-art technological solutions, but we provide them at an affordable cost. If you have been held back by the high price tag of IIoT solutions or because of the massive amount of time involved in upgrading your systems, speak to our team at Windrock. We offer solutions that are quick and easy to install at approximately 1/10th of the cost of traditional monitoring systems. Contact us for further information.