Learn More About The Spotlight for High-Speed Machines

Learn More About The Spotlight for High-Speed Machines

Windrock is proud to introduce our new Spotlight Monitoring System for High-Speed Engines! It’s the same great product, featuring the same software integrations as our Spotlight for Compressors, now available to help you monitor the health of your engines all from one place. When you combine the Spotlight for Engines with Spotlight for Compressors, you get a total package, presenting a complete picture of your reciprocating assets all in one application. What does Spotlight for Engines monitor? What sets Windrock apart from the pack? Let’s take a look.

Spotlight Monitors The Following:

Valve Trains

Spotlight features windowed vibration monitoring, which allows you to follow trends regarding the health of your valve trains, including loose lash, tight lash, valve recession, and more. This helps you identify problems quickly so they can be addressed before they get worse.

Power Cylinder Condition

That same windowed vibration monitoring also provides analysis intended to detect mechanical problems within power cylinders, such as piston slap and ring/liner wear.

Turbo Health

Spotlight gives you the ability to effectively monitor vane and blade pass frequency, along with bearing health through its use of FFT analytics.

Main Bearings

An engine, like any other piece of machinery, relies on its bearings to operate properly. With Spotlight, you can analyze the health of main bearings and the health of the crankshaft. You can also diagnose potential issues like looseness of the crankshaft and any lubrication failures.

Frame Vibration

Excessive vibration can increase friction, resulting in equipment breakdowns or malfunctions. Spotlight analyzes frame vibration to detect any structural deficiencies, such as soft foot, looseness, and misalignment.

The Windrock Difference

Quick and Easy Installation

When you look at installing a traditional monitoring and analyzing system, you can expect it to be weeks before it’s up and running. In contrast, Spotlight for Engines is exceptionally easy to install and can be ready to go in as little as half a day. That saves you valuable time and resources.


Windrock’s Spotlight technology is up to 1/10th the price of comparable systems, which means you can monitor more pieces of equipment full time. That helps you keep everything running efficiently without hurting your bottom line.

Secured with Microsoft Azure­­®

Spotlight creates an IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) utilizing advanced AI algorithms, which predicts and pinpoints failures before they happen. This helps you avoid the cost of a catastrophic failure and downtime due to repair. Alongside that, our system uses cellular (LTE) communications technology to transmit data to a secure cloud server, bypassing the need to access network gateways. This is all secured by Microsoft Azure, so you can be sure your data is safe.

Remotely Accessible Data

You can connect to our secure Windrock Enterprise platform to access data and alerts, anywhere and any time.

Windrock MD™ & Enterprise Compatible

Spotlight is compatible with both Windrock MD and Windrock Enterprise, helping to build a full-picture network for our existing customers. Additionally, it can integrate with other control networks and historians, which helps to create a seamless transition between old and new technologies.

Do you want to learn more about how Spotlight for High-Speed Engines can help you? Contact us today!