What Is Mechanical Integrity? And How To Improve Safety Through Monitoring

What Is Mechanical Integrity? And How To Improve Safety Through Monitoring

When it comes to operating large amounts of machinery, no matter what industry you are in, it is critical that everything operates both efficiently and safely. When it comes to industries where critical process equipment is involved, the issue of safety becomes even more heightened. Part of the management of critical process equipment is referred to as Mechanical Integrity (MI). The goal of MI is to ensure this equipment is properly installed and operating safely and effectively. MI includes the management of an array of tasks, all geared towards the same end result — a safe operation without catastrophic failures.

Here at Windrock, we provide outstanding products and platforms designed to help with the management and monitoring of machinery. Read on to learn more about the specifics of mechanical integrity and how utilizing the right condition monitoring tools can aid in ensuring you go above and beyond the standards of safety and efficiency in operation.

The Many Facets Of Mechanical Integrity

When it comes to the management of your critical process equipment, there are an array of facets to this task. It is not as simple as installing the proper equipment and stepping back. Instead, proper MI includes all of the following components:

  • Proper design of equipment for the use
  • Correct installation of all equipment
  • Ongoing inspections of the equipment
  • Perpetual testing of the equipment
  • Enacting necessary maintenance
  • Training of all employees in regards to ongoing integrity

More specifically, mechanical integrity is used to refer to the prevention of the loss of contaminants, such as toxic, flammable, or explosive chemicals. This is a part of the requirements of OSHA per the regulation OSHA 1910.119. In order to ensure the utmost safety in regards to these highly hazardous chemicals, OSHA has outlined an array of tasks that must be complied with in order to meet regulation.

One of the most critical components of creating a safe environment is a focus on the constant monitoring and inspections of process units and equipment. Without the proper record keeping and documentation of the condition of this equipment, you can increase the risk of catastrophic failure. This is where the right monitoring tools can help with your overall plan for upholding the integrity of your facility’s equipment.

Utilizing Our Products In Your Overall Plan

While there are an array of facets involved in MI, such as training personnel and designating management responsibilities, one critical asset to your company will be the use of the right monitoring equipment. Your goal is to constantly have your finger on the pulse of your machinery, ensuring you know about issues long before catastrophic failure. Utilizing the right condition monitoring products can go a long way in helping you achieve this goal.

The good news is that with the advent of modern technology the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) was born. The products we have designed carefully integrate this incredible technology to better analyze, predict, and warn of issues with critical equipment components. By implementing these products into your system, you can feel confident in your ongoing knowledge of the condition of your facility’s equipment. With IIoT, you not only have outstanding data sets to work with, but you are given real-time analysis. The following are all products we offer that can aid you in improving the safety of your facility and the efficiency of your equipment’s operation.

  • Spotlight For Compressors: This outstanding tool is easy to install, affordable, and securely transmits data in real-time for your analysis needs. Access a complete picture of your asset’s health with this small but powerful tool for compressors.
  • Spotlight For Engines: Want to have a clear picture of your reciprocating assets in a single application? Utilize this outstanding monitoring system and rest assured that you have the power of technology on your side.
  • 6400 Portable Analyzer: Now, better than ever, this portable analyzer allows you to access important information that will offer you early warnings of potentially catastrophic issues. With the right data, your team can make important decisions quickly and effectively.
  • Windrock Enterprise Asset Optimization Software: The power behind it all, this software will integrate with your performance monitoring, allowing you to easily digest the data you need to keep your facility operating smoothly. With this outstanding technology, you can access information from anywhere, even on the go.
  • Platinum Online Monitoring System: When you cannot afford to ever fail, this platform is your saving grace. With vibration and safety-related parameters calculated at each rotation, this platform will proactively shut down a machine if catastrophic failure is imminent.
  • AutoBalance: Improve overall machine reliability for large-bore natural gas-fired engines with this innovative system. The AutoBalance will constantly adjust fuel flows to ensure a balanced operation.
  • Windrock MD: The backbone of what we do, this industry-leading software gives you the deepest data on your machinery, allowing you to make important decisions in regards to operation and safety.

If you are interested in learning more about any of the condition monitoring products we offer, we invite you to reach out to our team. We will be happy to work with you to identify which products will aid you best in your facility’s goals. From improving the efficiency of your operation to ensuring a higher level of safety standards are met, we can equip you with the technology you need to make monitoring simple, fast, and affordable.