What Is The IIoT? Here’s What You Need To Know

What Is The IIoT? Here’s What You Need To Know

We’re using smart technology for everything these days. Get a slow cooker that utilizes Wi-Fi, for example, and you can control it from work so you have a hot meal when you walk in the door. What does this have to do with the IIoT, though? IIoT solutions are similar to that slow cooker using Wi-Fi.

IIoT solutions can help with online monitoring of machinery, machinery analysis, and much more. From executive offices to factory floors, the IIoT will be at the forefront of technology for your business. Read our blog today to learn more about what the IIoT is and how it can help, and then request a quote from a Windrock representative today to get started with your own IIoT solutions, personalized to your business and needs.

What is the IIoT?

If you’ve heard of the IoT before — the Internet of Things — then the IIoT is a similar concept. IIoT stands for the Industrial Internet of Things. It’s simply the application of the IoT in the manufacturing industry. It brings together machines, analytics, and people to deliver greater results. This network of industrial devices and machines are connected by communications technologies that can monitor, collect, exchange, analyze, and offer new insights that can improve all aspects of your business. Because of this, you can make more educated, profitable decisions for your industrial company.

Machine analysis, automated software testing, online monitoring, and more are processes greatly improved by the IIoT. IIoT solutions allow access to larger amounts of data. Not just will you have more access to more data, though — you’ll get this access quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

How The IIoT Affects Your Business

The IIoT is revolutionary because it can be applied in so many different industrial companies. Whether it’s original equipment manufacturing, food and beverage, steel, automotive, chemicals, or another industry, there are benefits to be had. Read below to learn some of the benefits of IIoT technology.

Benefits of IIoT

There are many ways IIoT solutions can improve your business, and the industry itself is still young! There is a promising future ahead for even more ways IIoT will benefit you. For now, though, here are some of the biggest ways IIoT solutions will affect your business:

  • Improve the safety of operating equipment – You’ll have online monitoring of all of your machinery at your fingertips. This means everything from compressors to high-speed engines can be monitored and small issues will be detected early on. This will lead to greater safety for employees and the environment if, for example, you work in a field prone to toxic leaks.
  • Decrease spending due to downtime – Downtime is costly, and each hour can cost your company hundreds of thousands of dollars. By using machine analysis and online monitoring, you can see problems ahead of time and greatly decrease your downtime — therefore decreasing spending.
  • Allow for accurate tracking – How much time do you spend tracking down equipment, inspecting the questionable parts and then developing reports to determine what maintenance to perform? There is a better way. An IIoT solution allows you to use the data platform to track any machinery and diagnose the problem much more easily.
  • Predict machine failure before it happens – Real-time data and online monitoring allows you to analyze what’s happening, but even better is an IIoT solution that can do it for you. Through artificial intelligence, algorithms, and more, data analyzers can now predict equipment failure and warn you early on.
  • Provide real-time data – No matter the time of day, you can get machine analysis in real time. Machine data analytics are essential for making sure everything is working appropriately and your business is thriving. Say goodbye to recording data manually, and say hello to the future with IIoT solutions.

All of the benefits listed above lead to one overall benefit: improved efficiency and reliability. Your machines will work better, you’ll be aware of upcoming problems, and you’ll decrease downtime. Take your machine analysis to the next level and enjoy all of these benefits when you use IIoT solutions.

Industrial Internet vs. Internet of Things

The IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and the IoT (Internet of Things) have apparent similarities, but it’s important to note the difference between these two.

The Internet of Things typically deals more with consumer-level devices such as the slow cooker that connects to Wi-Fi, smart home appliances, or fitness bands that monitor your heart rate. You’ve seen items like this improve your life. They’re definitely convenient and can lead to an improved quality of life, but there won’t be an emergency if downtime or another error were to occur.

The Industrial Internet of Things, on the other hand, has much more far-reaching implications if downtime were to occur. The IIoT connects machines and devices in industries such as healthcare, power generation, or oil and gas. We’ve all, unfortunately, seen the damage that can occur when things go wrong in these industries, which is why IIoT solutions are so powerful. The online monitoring, machinery analysis, automated software testing, and more are unparalleled in improving your business’s performance and preventing catastrophes.

Partner With Windrock

When you work with Windrock for IIoT solutions, you’re getting the best of the best. It’s important to remember, though, that the IIoT is still just getting started. There’s a whole world of the IIoT to explore out there, and Windrock will be at the forefront, always working to find more ways IIoT solutions can benefit your business.

Interested in learning more? Our representatives can help you determine how to use technology advancements for the improved monitoring of your machinery. We have solutions such as the Spotlight Monitoring System (for compressors or for engines), the Platinum Online Monitoring System, and more to help with your machine data analytics and more. We also offer technical services analysis and training for your company’s technicians or personnel.

Contact us today to get started with IIoT solutions for your business.