What Is The Spotlight? And Why You Need It

What Is The Spotlight? And Why You Need It

Once upon a time, we were reliant upon clipboards and manual reporting to identify operational inefficiencies in the machinery and equipment filling our work space. Data had to be carefully and manually gathered, analyzed on paper, and decisions made over the span of time. Real-time monitoring and immediate changes were simply not a reality of machinery analysis for the time prior to today. However, as technology has continued its march forward into new spaces, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) was born. This new branch of technology aimed to take outdated machine data methodologies and bring them forward into the modern world.

Here at Windrock, we are proud to take part in marching ahead with technology. We are constantly innovating and designing new, better ways for tracking important machine data. One product that we offer, which is geared toward real-time automated equipment monitoring is the Windrock Spotlight. If you are looking to upgrade your machine data analytics, we invite you to read on to learn more about the two versions of this unique tool we have created, each designed for a specific purpose. Whether you opt to utilize these products alone or you install them as part of a complete overhaul to your monitoring system, our team will be happy to help you find the ideal solutions for your needs. Take part in the improved technology of online monitoring through Windrock Spotlight.

Windrock Spotlight for High-Speed Engines

When you want real-time data for high speed engines, our Spotlight for engines is the ideal pick. This monitoring system will keep you up-to-date on the health of your engines and can be used in conjunction with the Spotlight for compressors as well. In fact, these two products work in conjunction and utilize the same software integrations, allowing you to easily monitor exactly what takes place with your entire system. We set out to make machinery analysis much simpler and more effective, which is what fueled the inspiration for this outstanding engine monitoring platform.

When you choose to install this product, you will receive the following monitoring capabilities:

  • Valve Trains: Keep track of the health of your valve train. Be alerted of issues with lashings and other key components with the ability to quickly identify the problem at hand.
  • Power Cylinder: Want to know what condition your power cylinder is in at all times? This Spotlight will allow you to analyze and monitor the health of this critical component.
  • Turbo: Keep track of turbo health by monitoring vane and blade pass frequencies utilizing this cutting-edge analytics technology.
  • Main Bearings: Worried about lubrication failures or a loose crankshaft going unidentified? This monitoring system will catch these issues early-on, allowing you to remedy a situation before it becomes a bigger problem.

The best news is that when you opt for the Spotlight, you will enjoy the benefit of the IIoT technology that is integrated with artificial intelligence. Our unique algorithms can actually predict failures long before they happen, giving you the ability to implement solutions prior to a catastrophe or expensive downtime. You will also enjoy the benefit of the easy installation of this product. While traditional analytic tools can take upwards of weeks to install, our product can be installed in as little as half a day. It is also an affordable option, with a cost that is 1/10th the price of comparable systems. We utilize a secure data transmission and you can access your data remotely, anywhere at any time. Read on to learn more about implementing this incredible tool with the Spotlight for compressors.

Windrock Spotlight For Compressors

Leading the way in monitoring systems, the Spotlight system for compressors is an automated, real-time machine analysis tool. This unique product will allow you to monitor the health of your entire fleet, all through the forward-thinking technology of the IIot. With magnet-mounted sensors, installation is a breeze, and information is easy to access. By transmitting data via cellular technology, you can reliably monitor the health and performance of your equipment no matter where you go.

Wouldn’t you rather prevent a catastrophic breakdown of your equipment instead of facing costly downtime and expensive repairs? We believe that the answer is yes, which is why the technology of Spotlight is aimed at predicting, analyzing, and helping you optimize the performance of your machinery. Workforce optimization just got faster and easier with the forward-thinking technology of Windrock. You can utilize this simple monitoring system to collect great amounts of data, which can then be analyzed for improved performance of all your valuable assets.

Other benefits you will enjoy from this monitoring system for compressors include the following:

  • Secure data
  • Mobile friendly platform
  • Easy-to-read portal
  • Clearly defined operational KPIs
  • Compatibility with Windrock MD and Windrock Enterprise

Reach Out To Learn More

If you are interested in implementing Windrock Spotlight technology into your fleet, we invite you to reach out to our team. We can walk you through the vast array of benefits these products offer, as well as guide you to the perfect solution for your needs. We carry an array of machine data analytics software and equipment, all geared towards bringing the monitoring of machinery into the 21st century. Whether you are hoping to upgrade your entire monitoring system or you want to rectify weak points in your system, we can work with you to integrate innovative technology into your plan. We will work with you to ensure the solution you wind up with is one that will provide you with an improved efficiency of operation. Contact us today to get started.