What Is Condition Monitoring?

What Is Condition Monitoring?

What is condition monitoring, and how does it relate to your mechanical integrity? In this blog, we’ll be covering the basics of condition monitoring, as well as how you can optimize your equipment monitoring from anywhere, anytime. Learn more and contact Windrock today to get started.

When it comes to industry, information is power, data is profit, and the ability to carefully and precisely predict the productivity of our machines is absolutely priceless.

The ability to identify and predict potential problems with industrial equipment, such as rotating and/or reciprocating machinery, is collectively known as “condition monitoring.”

The process of condition monitoring involves identifying a certain parameter of that particular equipment, such as the vibration or the temperature, and recording data based on the fluctuations and trends of that specific parameter.

Collecting and monitoring these conditions allows industries to calculate if and when a fault, or even a breakdown, might occur.

This process is vital to the health and efficiency of our machines — and our companies.

For years — decades, even — condition monitoring has required extensive resources, precious chunks of time, and isolated inspections. And even then, only about five percent of industrial machinery has been continuously monitored for performance.

Think about that for one second. If you were building a house, would you inspect only five percent of the frame before you moved ahead with construction?

No, because that would likely result in a catastrophic failure — the very thing that we are trying to avoid with condition monitoring.

So how can you implement condition monitoring and predictive data analysis at a larger scale? What are the benefits of condition monitoring for your industrial equipment? How can you benefit from a simpler, more cost-efficient condition monitoring solution?

All of those questions and more will soon be answered. Continue reading to learn more about the Windrock Spotlight Monitoring System and contact Windrock today to enter the new age of the industrial revolution.

The Benefits Of Condition Monitoring

The benefits of a reliable condition monitoring system simply can’t be ignored.

Like we used in the metaphor above, inspecting only five percent of the home you are constructing is not likely to produce favorable results; thus, monitoring only five percent of your industrial equipment doesn’t seem too practical either, does it?

But no matter the scale in which your company monitors its equipment, the reasoning is still the same. This data collection and analysis not only helps to identify problems with machinery and its components before a breakdown occurs, it can also help you to streamline operations and ultimately cut costs.

Additional benefits of condition monitoring for industrial equipment includes:

  • Cutting maintenance costs by 35 percent or more
  • Cut the average repair time by 60 percent or more
  • Reduce machine failures by upwards of 55 percent
  • Extend asset life by upwards of 30 percent
  • Increase the rate of production by 25 percent

All of this is achieved by analyzing and interpreting the data, such as the vibration analysis from reciprocating or rotating machinery, and determining when and where maintenance is required. This allows your company to repair machinery and assets before they become a major problem, creating minimal disruptions to productivity overall — and minimal disruptions equals maximum profit.

Common Condition Monitoring Techniques

Condition monitoring commonly refers to the analysis of data which comes from certain conditions, or parameters, from a piece of equipment. When it comes to the industrial sector, the monitoring of assets typically includes things like:

  • Vibration analysis
  • Lubricant analysis
  • Infrared thermography/temperature analysis
  • Acoustic emission analysis
  • Ultrasound testing
  • And more

As you well know, monitoring this data can be cost-prohibitive and time-consuming. That’s part of the reason why only five percent of industrial machines can be monitored at any one time.

That is, until now.

Spotlight Monitoring System

Here at Windrock, we have developed a smart solution to condition monitoring.

We call it the Spotlight Monitoring System, and it’s changing the game in terms of how the industry approaches the continuous monitoring of mechanical assets.

The Spotlight is an affordable, efficient, and fast way to incorporate predictive monitoring and data analysis on all of your equipment — that’s 100 percent. Harnessing the power of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the Spotlight utilizes a cloud-based solution to monitor data in real-time, deliver insights to your computer, tablet, or smartphone, and provide critical information on key performance indicators around the clock.

How does it work? It’s simple. All it takes is attaching the Spotlight PUCs (Peripheral Universal Connection) Module to each piece of equipment. The PUCs then communicate directly (and wirelessly) with the Spotlight controller, which pushes the data from the PUCs to the Windrock Enterprise Gateway and then into the cloud for a seamless and simple solution.

The entire installation takes less than a day, and the investment requires about one-tenth of the cost of similar, outdated condition monitoring systems.

With Spotlight, you can get all of the critical data you need, from all of your industrial equipment, in one handy and intuitive digital dashboard.

The industrial revolution meets the digital revolution — and together, the two create a condition monitoring solution for the present and the future.

Learn more about the Windrock Spotlight Monitoring System and contact us today to talk to a rep.