Meet the Instructors

Mike Jones, Chief Reciprocating Engineer

With 46 years of engine and compressor experience including maintenance, overhaul, and diagnostics, Mike joined the Windrock Technical Services Team in 2005. He has run several different types of analyzers during his career and had input into the development of the CARMA, EnSpect, Recip-Trap™ and Windrock analyzers. His experience covers analysis services to the marine, oil, and gas industries implementing predictive maintenance programs, analyst reviews and selections, training in both electronic engine/compressor and spectrum vibration analysis. Other duties included training and generation of military “how to” manuals for electronic diesel combustion analysis while under contract with the U.S. Coast Guard.

Eric Vess, Field Services Supervisor

As Online Systems Engineer, Eric is responsible for the onsite installation and commissioning of Windrock’s online products. He trains customers on products, develops and trains Windrock employees on installations, and supervises online system technicians during commissionings. Eric possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and brings to this position expertise he has gained over the past 4+ years as a Product Support Technician, Field Service Technician and Equipment Analyst at Windrock.

Bryan Blanchard, Senior Analyst & Technical Trainer

Bryan possesses more than 33 years of diagnostic experience in the natural gas, oil, refining and chemical industries. He has consistently been a key member of onshore and offshore program reliability teams where he worked with a variety of natural gas, refining, and chemical industry engine/compressor packages. In more recent years, Bryan’s career has expanded to providing analysis services to the nuclear, military, railroad, and commercial marine industries. Bryan’s diverse background serves him well as an accomplished instructor of all engine and compressor analysis subjects provided in classroom, on-site, web-based domestic and international environments.

Rocky Auterson, Equipment Analyst

Rocky is a Category 2 Equipment and Vibration Analyst who has been performing reciprocating analysis for currently 4 ½ years, Rocky has worked in the natural gas transportation and storage environment dealing with mainly Cooper Bessemer, Ajax compressors. Since working for Windrock Rocky has been mainly in the refinery and midstream environment dealing with Caterpillar, Waukesha, and Electric Driven compressors arranging from single stage to five stage compressors. Rocky also performs startup training for the 6400 analyzer and performs online system support when needed.  Currently Rocky is working on his certified vibration CAT I.  

James Johnson, Field Service Specialist

As Field Service Specialist , James provides installation, commissioning, programming and calibration services, on permanently installed analysis systems for Windrock customers. James also provides onsite analysis with the portable analyzer, as well as remote analysis. He possesses an Associate’s Degree in Electronic Engineering and has 5+ years of working experience at Windrock.

Jon Hernandez, Equipment Analyst

As an Equipment Analyst, Jon will provide installation, commissioning, programming and calibration services on permanently installed analysis systems for Windrock customers, as well as provide onsite analysis with the portable analyzer.  Jon possesses 7+ years’ mechanical expertise and is highly skilled in troubleshooting with hands-on experience on natural gas engines and compressors.

Brandon O'Neal, Equipment Analyst

As a level 1 Equipment Analyst, Brandon provides installation, commissioning, programming, and calibration services on permanently installed analysis systems for Windrock customers. Brandon possesses 10+ years of technical expertise in the oil & gas industry and holds the Windrock Basic Compressor Analysis certification.