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The 2020 Users’ Group Conference has been canceled. Please check back often for updates on the 2021 Conference.



Product-specific presentations, training, and case studies for all of your Windrock products.

The most important aspect of Windrock is YOU, the customer. That’s why our Annual Users’ Group Conference is all about our customers and giving them an opportunity to come together, share experiences, and learn from industry leaders in reciprocating machinery analysis.

The three-day educational conference is a forum for Windrock users to learn from each other in a group environment. The conference includes presentations from Windrock’s Technical Services group, presentations from featured guest speakers, group discussions where we encourage users to share their field experience/methods, and case studies presented by users that demonstrate problem-solving at its best. We also discuss new technology as well as new features and functions that have been added to our products during the past year.

We also find time for some family fun as we host a Welcome Reception on the eve of the conference, allowing everyone a chance to get to know each other. Another evening, we host a family event at an area attraction that includes dinner and entertainment. We encourage all of our attendees to join in this annual event and experience Southern hospitality at its finest.

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Do you need help convincing your company that you should attend? We can help!

Here are some key talking points to share with your supervisor about the true value you will get out of attending this conference:


Experts – This is a Windrock specific training, so you will be learning from some of the most respected reciprocating equipment experts in the industry.


ROI- Focused – Discuss the importance of employee development, and how the skills you learn can translate into ROI for your company.


Relevant – The conference features over 15 topics that deal directly with engine/compressor maintenance and performance, troubleshooting, operation, and reliability-related issues.


Best Practices – This is a perfect opportunity for you to improve your skills and gain exposure to new information, as well as interact with other companies to find out their best practices which could help your company discover new approaches for procedures.


Latest Software – You will learn about the latest versions of Windrock Software and new features, which will save you time and money when the next version is released.


Presentation – As a conference attendee, you will get a copy of the entire set of presentations, which you can bring back and share with your team.



Users’ Group Sponsorship

The Users Group Conference offers corporations a variety of sponsorship opportunities. Promotional on-site benefits, as well as exclusive hospitality options, are available only to sponsors. Contact to learn more.





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